9 Gifts for Hearing Impaired You Probably Didn't Think About

2020-08-11 | By Orcam Staff

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9 Gifts for Hearing Impaired You Probably Didn't Think About - OrCam

Innovative Hearing Technology

With the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, the domain of hearing devices has experienced a remarkable transformation. Leading this advancement is the OrCam Hear, a cutting-edge wearable assistive technology device. This groundbreaking instrument is likely to become the top choice for those seeking to enhance their auditory experience.

The OrCam Hear is ingeniously designed to tackle the challenging "Cocktail Party Effect," a situation where it becomes difficult to focus on a single conversation amidst a cacophony of background noises. Its use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning allows the device to intelligently and selectively amplify the user’s speaking partner or partners in noisy environments. Employing a tiny smart camera, it analyzes the visual cues such as lip, mouth, and chin movements, enabling the user to hone in on the conversation at hand while effectively reducing the distraction from unwanted background sound.

What sets the OrCam Hear apart is its versatility through two distinct hearing modes—Single-Speaker mode and Multi-Speaker mode. Single-Speaker mode is perfect for one-on-one interactions in bustling settings, ensuring that the user can stay engaged without effort. On the other hand, Multi-Speaker mode allows for clear communication in dynamic, multi-person dialogues.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the OrCam Hear, making it a highly practical and considerate gift for individuals with hearing impairment. Whether it is used in day-to-day conversations or special events, the OrCam Hear stands out as an innovative solution that promises not only a boost in hearing but also a leap in the quality of social interactions.

This sophisticated device is reflective of the meaningful strides being made in hearing technology, offering a gift that transcends ordinary presents and changes lives through the power of clear communication.

If you are looking for gifts for hearing impaired people, or people who are hard of hearing, there are certain gifts that would make a special kind of impact on their lives, while other gifts might not. We put together a list of nine great gifts that we hope will help you find the perfect one.


When it comes down to who you are getting a gift for, there are two types of people. The first kind of people has specific interests or hobbies any gift that is related to that hobby or topic of interest will make the gift they receive a successful choice on your part. The second kind of people have a broader scope of potential types of gifts that they will be excited to receive.

1. OrCam Hear

OrCam Hear

In 2024, OrCam will introduce to the market the revolutionary, wearable assistive technology device, the OrCam Hear which enables people who are hard of hearing to be able to selectively hear people they are speaking to in noisy environments. The OrCam Hear is the perfect solution for the Cocktail Party Effect.


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, OrCam Hear uses a tiny smart camera to analyze the user’s surroundings in order to understand with whom the user is having a conversation. The tiny camera acts as a sensor to focus on the lips, mouth, and chin movements of the user wearing OrCam Hear and the people in front of them in order to cancel out other voices and background noise from the setting and focus only on the conversation with the “primary speaker” or multiple speakers (depending on the device mode).


The device then cancels out all of the background sounds in the party, event, etc., and focuses only on the sound of the person or people who are engaging in a conversation with the OrCam Hear user.


OrCam Hear works in two different hearing modes: Single-Speaker mode and Multi-Speaker mode. The single-speaker mode focuses on what only one person is saying while the user is in an environment with multiple speakers and/or background noise. The Multi-Speaker mode allows users to clearly hear multiple speakers as they participate in a multi-person conversation.

2. Painting Kit

A woman painting in the garden

When a person who is hard of hearing or has a hearing impairment chooses to take up painting as a hobby, there is nothing that can hold them back from painting just as well as someone who has full hearing capabilities.


If the person you are getting the gift for is someone who you feel needs a new hobby, this might be the right gift for you to choose to get them. Almost anyone you know will find painting to be an enjoyable past time. The benefits of painting as a hobby are numerous and can have great positive effects on a person’s life. Painting helps to bring out people’s creative and artistic side, that in some cases they never even knew they had.

3. Skin Care Products

A wooden basin with colorful soaps

Don’t rule out the idea of giving skincare products as a gift without at least giving it some thought, even if you are buying a gift for a person who doesn’t always invest in skincare. There is a broad scope of skincare products ranging from regular everyday soaps and shampoos to special types of face and hand creams. Almost everyone you know will appreciate at least one type of the many available skincare items as a gift.


One of the types of skincare gifts that most people might overlook as a great gift for hearing-impaired people is hand cream. People who are deaf or hard of hearing often use sign language to communicate. Someone who displays their hands to others on a regular basis may want to take care of the skin on their hands.

4. Ice Cream Machine

An ice cream cup with three ice scream scoops in it.

This potential gift for people who are deaf or hearing impaired can be found on any list of great gift ideas. Sometimes, when getting a gift for someone with special needs, you should just think about what they would like to have, regardless of their condition. After all, who doesn’t like ice cream?


If you choose this as your gift, you may want to throw in a book of ice cream recipes to go along with the ice cream machine. This way, the recipient of the gift will be able to start enjoying your gift with delicious ice cream recipes from the book.

5. Hats

A storefront with hats on display on a rack

Some people develop hearing impairments as seniors. In this case, a hat serves as a gift that fills in two daily life functions. The first, and foremost, is to help conceal their hearing aids. The second function will be to help cover their heads in order to conceal greying or balding hair.

6. Smart Watch

Picture of a person using their smartwatch

There are more than a few smartwatch manufacturers that produce specially made smartwatches for people who are hearing impaired. Smartwatches can be great gifts even for people who aren’t technology lovers. Sometimes the right gadget or technology tool can help people adapt to a new technology-rich lifestyle, especially if it’s made accessible to their special needs.

7. TV Listeners

A couple sitting on the couch watching television

Many people don’t know even about this great gadget for people who have hearing impairments. When people who are hard of hearing watch TV with their friends or family members, they can use items called TV listeners to be able to hear the audio from the TV at the volume that they require. This way, they can enjoy being part of the movie night, or the watch party, along with everyone else.

8. Smartphone

Picture of a smartphone held in a person's hand

Smartphones are in the more expensive category of gifts for people who are hearing impaired. In addition to smartwatches that are specially made for people who are deaf or have hearing impairments, there are a number of smartphone manufacturers that do the same. The hearing accessibility features usually include compatibility with hearing aids, visual alerts, and video subtitles.

9. Earrings

Blue and gold earings ona  ablue table

If you are looking to get a gift for someone who is hearing impaired and likes wearing jewelry, this is one of the gift options you should definitely take into consideration. Besides the fact that if they are jewelry fans, then they will definitely appreciate a pair of earrings, they may appreciate it even more if they wear hearing aids.

The main benefit of getting earrings as a gift for people with hearing aids is that they can wear their new earrings to social events and parties to conceal their hearing aids. Even if they are not interested in concealing their hearing aids, they will still appreciate a nice pair of earrings if they like to wear jewelry.

In conclusion

Regardless of whether you choose any of these gifts for hearing-impaired people for your friend or relative’s upcoming birthday or event, we hope we gave you some useful future gift ideas. If you are still searching for gift ideas, try finding a good gift in our list of Seven Gifts for blind friends or family members' article.

Disclosure: This article was written by OrCam’s marketing team. OrCam Technologies has been providing people with low vision and reading difficulties with assistive wearable and handheld technology devices since 2015. OrCam Hear is the most recent addition to its line of assistive technology devices.

Tens of thousands of people from around the world have increased their daily independence and improved their quality of life thanks to OrCam’s devices.

Feel free to check out OrCam’s other life-changing products such as OrCam MyEye for people with low vision, and the OrCam Read for people with mild low vision and reading difficulties.