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OrCam and Disability Pride Parade
Blind Motherhood- Part III- NYC Disability Pride Parade
By Holly Bonner, Guest Blogger Originally posted on Holly’s blog, Blind Motherhood New York City’s 3rd Annual Disability Pride Parade will take place on Sunday, July 9th, 2017! Festivities kick off at 10AM with a gathering in Union Square Park. The parade begins at 11AM, heading up Broadway to Madison Square Park where a festival […]
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Pedro Liz
Pedro Liz says OrCam is Life-Changing
Pedro Liz, a 51-year-old man from Harlem, New York, has been living with Retinitis Pigmentosa his whole life. Retinitis Pigmentosa, also known as RP, is an eye disease in which vision deteriorates over time. As a child, Pedro could see almost perfectly, but by age 40 he began using a cane and other aids to […]
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Holly Bonner Blind Motherhood
Blind Motherhood: Job Security & The Gift of Time
By Holly Bonner, Guest Blogger Originally posted on Holly’s blog, Blind Motherhood For those of you who don’t know, Blind Motherhood is not my full time gig. Let’s face it, adulting is hard, and every girl needs to earn a reasonable living. In the real world, I am an administrator for a non-profit organization. I […]
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Imogen Reading Using OrCam MyEye
Trying OrCam for the First Time: Reading Emily Dickinson
Originally posted on Imogen’s blog, The Upside Down Chronicles I have been following the developments of OrCam since 2013 when I first contacted Dr Yonatan Wexler wanting to know more about this peculiar gadget he was envisaging. Dr Wexler kindly kept in touch with me over the years as OrCam developed and grew. Last week […]
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photo of June Wheeler
Shopping Made Easy with OrCam MyEye: The Story of June Wheeler
by June Wheeler, Guest Blogger. Six years ago, I received the diagnosis. Following a routine eye exam with a local optician, I was informed that she had dry-age related macular degeneration.
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Man Using MyEye to Read Newspaper
OrCam’s Illumination: Reading & Writing Despite My Macular Degeneration
By Peter Williams, Guest Blogger I am 87 years old. I live in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. And I have macular degeneration. This medical condition started four to five years ago, and is gradually worsening. Before retirement, I was a maths tutor at The Open University and I always wanted to be an author. So when […]
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