There are many tools for the blind and visually impaired people that can help them in their daily activities. One such tool for blind people is the OrCam MyEye. The OrCam MyEye is a portable discreet smart camera that reads texts, recognizes faces, and identifies products. The device can help visually impaired people feel more independent. The OrCam is an extremely useful tool for blind or visually impaired students. It allows them to read their textbooks, emails, homework on their own without the help of a friend or heavy magnifier. Nicholas Dedekind, an OrCam user from Brussels, tried software magnifiers for on screen use before he heard about the OrCam MyEye. The magnifiers were not very effective, heavy and slow to use according to Nicholas. After his parents found the OrCam on the internet, Nicholas initially thought that is seemed unrealistic and too good to be true. However after trying the OrCam MyEye, he was ecstatic. “It was exciting, eye opening experience. The product exceeded my expectations.” As an International Baccalaureate student at the International School of Brussels, Nicholas uses the OrCam MyEye for academic work in class and at home. “It has greatly helped me academically and I rely less on peers and teachers for help in the classroom. It allows me to comfortably and efficiently cover text ex web pages, books, and electronic presentations. Another such student who thinks the OrCam MyEye is a great tool for the blind student is Taylor Shaw. Taylor uses the OrCam to read things she cannot get in a digital format such as signs and billboards around her MIT campus. Taylor also uses the facial recognition feature to help her recognize faces of her friends and new people that she meets in class. Although there are other tools for blind and visually impaired people on the market, none are as small, portable, discreet, and private as the OrCam MyEye. The device does not use WiFi or store information in a cloud. Everything the user stores in the device’s memory is private and cannot be accessed by anyone else.