One in ten people is affected by dyslexia. That’s a pretty big number if you think about it. Look around your office, your school, the coffee shop you are sitting in and you realize that most likely someone there struggles to read.   Most people who are affected by reading disabilities experience some form of letter and word scrambling and this makes learning to read and spell difficult and later on demands a lot of concentration. Many studies have shown that the more cognitive energy is focused on one task the less energy we have available for another task. In the case of reading for dyslexic people, their energy is so invested in the task of reading itself that they don’t have enough energy to invest in comprehending or learning what they are reading. This of course affects the amount of time they have to spend on text, their memory, and performance.   For students this is extremely important because that is what they are measured on. Luckily technology is progressing fast and there are now new types of reading aids that can help.   A lot of dyslexic people are put off attending university because they simply can’t see a way to deal with the fast paced lectures and amount of reading. It doesn’t help that university has less of a support network for dyslexia. Aside from seeking support from university programs, tools like reading aids can make a huge difference   OrCam MyEye is one such reading aid. A new technology, OrCam MyEye is breakthrough clip on camera that takes a picture of the page and reads to you discreetly. At the point of a finger OrCam turns on and snaps a picture of where you were pointing. It then interprets the picture using a small pocket computer for super speedy reading that doesn’t depend on where you are or internet connection. Totally fast, discreet, and portable, OrCam MyEye is truly a tool that can help move the effort from reading to being present and learning.