OrCam OCR technology device Having vision loss means that simple daily activities can become difficult. What equipment for visually impaired people can help? Here is a list of some products that can help make daily tasks a bit easier and allow people who are visually impaired or blind regain their independence. Cooking
  • Measuring cups and spoons with clear white letters and numbers on a dark background so they are easier to see.
  • Can opener that slices around the top of the can and shuts off automatically when cutting is complete.
  • Thermometer that speaks the temperature of the meat. It can also be used for measuring room or water temperatures.
Watching TV and Movies
  • Reizen Sport Glasses – Sports glasses that help you see distance for TV, the movies, ballet and sporting events.
  • Coil 2x Binocular System – comfortable and lightweight binoculars with each lens able to be focused individually.
Reading Print
  • Pearl – Folding camera that connects to a PC and allows users to magnify and view documents on the screen. Is not a standalone device and requires a PC to display documents.
  • Max – Digital video magnifier that connects to any television or computer monitor and may be used to read newspapers, magazines, recipe cards, and medicine labels. Is not a standalone device and requires use of a monitor.
  • Smart Reader – Full-page OCR system. May be connected to a 13.3” portable battery-operated monitor or TV to enlarge captured image to follow along as it reads. Can be used to read magazines, books, newspapers, and mail, but is large and not convenient for transport.
Another device used to read printed text is the OrCam MyEye OCR technology device. The OrCam MyEye reads texts, recognizes faces, and identifies products. The device is activated by the simple point of a finger or the press of the trigger button. Once activated, the OrCam device takes a picture of texts and relays the message to the user via a mini earpiece. The OrCam can read texts from almost any surface. Its small size makes it portable and discreet. Equipment for visually impaired and blind people has come a long way in the past decade. Products can help people living with vision loss with daily activities and help them regain some of their independence.