Reading with OrCam There is a lot of equipment for the blind out there on the market these days. But what do they all do and how do you pick the right one? Some of the equipment for the blind include magnifiers, braille labeling systems, large button phones and watches with tactile faces. There are also text-to-speech products on the market. That’s where the OrCam MyEye comes in. OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision to assist people who are visually impaired. The OrCam MyEye is a smart camera that is placed on the frame of any pair of eyeglasses and takes a picture of texts and reads the message to the user via a mini earpiece. Let’s look a little more into what exactly it means to be a text-to speech product? Text-to-speech is assistive technology that reads text aloud. It is also referred to as “read aloud” technology. Text-to-speech can take words on a computer screen or page and convert them into audio. Text-to-speech devices like the OrCam MyEye can help people with vision loss who can no longer see the words as well as people with dyslexia or difficulty reading. The benefits of text-to speech products such as the OrCam MyEye are tremendous. For example, students who are visually impaired or have a reading disability can use the OrCam MyEye to read textbooks, homework, school flyers and more. Because the OrCam MyEye is small and light weight, it is easy to move the device from place to place, as opposed to heavy screen readers that are not portable. The OrCam MyEye is also very discreet, allowing the user to blend in with the crowd and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. In addition to the text recognition feature, the OrCam MyEye is also able to recognize faces and identify products. This allows the users the ability to store familiar faces and items in the device’s memory. When the person comes into view, the device will tell the user who that person is. Equipment for the blind has advanced tremendously over the years and continues to advance every day.