Blind Kid Uses OrCam MyEye 2, Steve Harvey Calls It A “Game-Changer”

Dylan LeMaster has the usual things to deal with for a middle schooler in Cleveland. However, unlike most middle schoolers, Dylan has severe vision impairment. He can only see shadows, general shapes, and limited color. Recently, Dylan discovered OrCam MyEye 2, the life-changing device that uses AI technology to instantly read text, recognize faces, identify products and more. He has gained independence at school and in his home, dramatically improving his day-to-day life.

Appearing on STEVE, Dylan demonstrated how OrCam MyEye 2 allows him to do much more independently that once seemed next to impossible. “I’m very happy to have the OrCam MyEye. It helps me do things on my own, such as reads books, recognize faces of my family, friends, and teachers, and to go shopping at stores, and nobody can sneak up on me anymore, especially my parents,” said Dylan.

“Wow! That’s Gotta Be a Huge Game-Changer” – Steve Harvey on OrCam MyEye 2

When asked by Steve Harvey how OrCam MyEye 2 has changed Dylan’s day-to-day life, Dylan’s dad Rick replied, “It gives him the freedom to pick up any text at any point in time and access that information on his own. We’re very fortunate that he has the OrCam MyEye.”


OrCam MyEye 2

OrCam MyEye 2 increases the user’s independence and with it his/her quality of life, for people who are blind or visually impaired. It uses AI technology to instantly read text, barcodes, recognize faces, identify products, money notes, colors, and can even tell the user the time and date, all with intuitive gesture control. It does this by conveying visual information audibly. While it will not improve a person’s eyesight, it will improve their quality of life. OrCam devices support 18 languages worldwide. In the USA and Canada, OrCam devices support English, French, and Spanish.


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