Where to Buy Large Print Books for The Blind

2021-04-15 | By Orcam Staff

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Where to Buy Large Print Books for Visually Impaired Readers - OrCam

Books for The Blind

Navigating the vast world of literature can seem daunting, especially when faced with visual impairments. However, books for the blind have revolutionized access to countless narratives, educational materials, and cultural treasures, ensuring that the joy of reading is available to everyone. From braille editions to audiobooks, these specialized formats bridge the gap, opening up a universe of knowledge and imagination that was once out of reach. This transformative movement in publishing has not only fostered inclusivity but has also highlighted the importance of adaptive technologies in the literary world.

It's not just about converting text to tactile or auditory formats; it's about creating a reading experience that is truly accessible and enjoyable for visually impaired readers. In this article, we delve into the evolution of books for the blind, examining how technology, advocacy, and creative thinking have come together to support equal access to information and entertainment. Join us as we uncover the milestones, challenges, and triumphs in the quest to ensure that every person has the opportunity to explore the richness of written content, regardless of visual ability.

Only a few decades ago, books were almost only available for purchase in physical stores. The same applied to almost anything and everything people bought in the past. The e-Commerce revolution is changing the way we buy everything. Online purchasing options for books are making them more available now than ever. You can basically buy almost any book in almost every language, and it’s available online. Anyone looking to buy large print books for visually impaired readers will have an easy time finding them.

What are the Large Print Books?

Large-print books are specially designed for elderly and visually impaired people. Compared to regular books, large print books use a giant font size which helps visually impaired seniors to read. Today, you can easily find large-print coloring books or large-print crossword puzzle books. Additionally, many famous books are printed in the large print edition to reach senior bookworms.

Why Should You Buy Large Print Books?

Reading is one of the most relaxing and helpful activities for your health. Whether you are visually impaired or not, having a book with which to spend some fun time can make your day. Reading large print books of famous writers such as Daniella Steel, James Patterson, or George Orwell will open you to brand new adventures. Also, large print puzzle books, sudoku books, and dot-to-dot books maintain your mental & hand activities regularly. 

Where to Find Large Print Bookstores

When looking for a large print bookstore, there are a plethora of options available to both seniors and the visually impaired. Many online platforms, for instance, cater to this specific need. Where to buy readers will no longer be a question you'll have to ask as we expand our list and offer you a varied selection of haunts where you can find solace in books.

A Wide Selection of Large Print Books

Amazon: A Wide Selection of Large Print Books

Amazon, as a trailblazer, does not limit itself to regular books. Amazon's large print books section is a boon for visually challenged readers and seniors who prefer bigger fonts for a comfortable read. When you land on their website, don't forget to check the Large Print Books section. This will open up a world full of books with large print that span across genres like fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, romance, mystery, and more.

The variety on Amazon doesn't stop at regular books. If you are a religious reader, then discovering the extra large print bible for the visually impaired will be a joyful moment. The extra-large fonts ensure that all readers, regardless of the level of visual impairment, can enjoy the beauty and wisdom of the Holy Bible without any difficulty.

BetterWorldBooks: Large Print Books for Classics and Non-Fiction

If you're into classics, BetterWorldBooks offers their entire range of novels as large print books. From Jane Austen to F. Scott Fitzgerald, you will find all of the classic editions printed in large fonts. Beyond the classics, BetterWorldBooks also caters to the needs of enthusiasts looking for non-fiction books in large print. Be it an enlightening biography or a thought-provoking analysis of our social fabric, they have you covered.

eBay: The World of Used Large Print Books

In the world of used books, eBay stands tall. They have an extensive collection of used and second-hand books, including used large print books. Whether you're on a budget or are looking for an old edition that's not printed anymore, eBay is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

MaxiAids: Curated Selection of Large Print Books for Seniors

Another significant online platform to mention is MaxiAids. They have curated a selection of large print books for seniors, focusing on their particular interests and needs.

And of course, if you're simply looking for the latest bestsellers in large print, BetterWorldBooks, MaxiAids, and Amazon all have dedicated sections for large print books on Amazon and their other platforms.

In conclusion, be it new or used books, classic masterpieces or latest bestsellers, religious texts or non-fiction, the world of large print books is vast and caters to readers of all types.

Buying Large Print Books for Visually Impaired Readers

Pile of Assorted Novel Books

It is very important to differentiate between levels of visual impairment. Popular online bookstores such as Amazon, eBay, and BetterWorldBooks have a wide selection of large print books. You need to understand that these are not books that can be read by people with advanced visual impairment. This obviously depends on a number of variables. If the reader has eyeglasses that can help them see large print, then it will probably be big enough. There could also be editions available that have an extra large print that will make it readable for people with certain visual impairments. But not for all.


There are a number of websites that sell large print books for visually impaired readers that will usually be big enough for people with advanced visual impairment. These are websites such as MaxiAids, RNIB Library, and RehabMart. They offer services and products specifically made for people with low vision. The books offered on their website are mostly for people who are visually impaired. Therefore, the selection they offer is more focused on for people who are visually impaired.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

A woman shopping online on her computer. Large print books for visually impaired can be purchased online on a number of websites.

The TV and movie industries are growing and changing constantly. The younger generations are growing to consume most of their entertainment in the video. Books and other forms of printed content are becoming less popular. Having said that, the book industry is far from being small. And it is still growing, nonetheless. Shopping for large print books for visually impaired readers is a lot easier than you would think. That is especially true if you do it online. Almost every website that sells books online offers large print books. Some physical stores will too, but the selections won’t be as wide as they are on the web.


The internet has made shopping very easy and convenient for consumers of all kinds. Using any device that connects to the internet, you can access a large number of websites selling a huge variety of all sorts of items in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t find the item you’re looking for, you just hop on to the next one without needing to physically go anywhere. If the price on the website you’re currently on has a higher price than what you’re willing to pay, you can continue onward until you find the price you’re interested in. If it exists, of course. After all, there is a limit to how low the price will be.

The Instant Reading Solution for Any Printed or E-Book

Grandmother reading to her children in a field wearing OrCam MyEye 2

Even though there is a wide selection of large print books for visually impaired readers online, there can always be books that are not available in large print. Avid readers also like to read newspapers, magazines, and even online content. The revolutionary OrCam MyEye 2 device allows the option to instantly read the printed or digital text of every size from any surface. Being lightweight, portable, and wearable, it allows users to wear it while being attached to almost any pair of glasses. Since it does not require an internet connection, it can be used anywhere. In addition, it can recognize faces, barcodes, personal items, money bills, colors, and more.