Love is Blind: Virtual Dating for the Blind

2021-05-31 | By Orcam Staff

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Love is Blind: Virtual Dating for the Blind - OrCam

By now, you’ve probably heard the hype about the new Netflix reality series, Love is Blind, a new social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged all before meeting in person. But for blind and visually impaired people, emotional connections run deeper from the start. Dating while blind or visually impaired can be challenging. So how are blind people supposed to look for love? The answer is the same way everyone else does–with virtual dating.

Finding A Date: Apps & Online Dating

dating apps

We all know that swiping is superficial. And unfortunately, many popular dating apps (such as Tinder and Bumble) aren’t compatible with the Voiceover app, which can be a challenge for those with low vision. But there are apps out there that make dating accessible to the visually impaired, such as Facebook Dating. This app is used and promoted by blind YouTube sensation Molly Burke in her video “The Truth About Dating As A Woman With A Disability“. Because most people are already on Facebook, and as a platform Facebook is committed to accessibility, this is a great dating option for visually impaired people at this time.


Another option is websites. Sites such as and are great options since they require detailed answers to many questions that take a long time to complete. This helps weed out the people who aren’t serious about finding a long-term match and provides legible information that a blind person can read to learn about someone’s character.

Dating For The Blind: Meeting Through Virtual Calls

woman in gray sweater drinking coffee while virtual dating for the blind

Virtual dating can be a great way to get to know someone and keep your dating life vibrant. Some date ideas to keep your virtual dates fun and interesting:

  • Watch a funny video together at the same time.
  • Buy a new flavor of ice cream and taste it “together” during the date.
  • Visit a virtual museum.
  • Choose a TED talk to watch and discuss.
  • Play a game of online Battleship in which each person tries to guess the other’s board.
  • Follow a recipe together.

After The Date

couple wearing face masks drinking milk shake after successful virtual dating

If your date goes well and you want to go on a second one, you’ll want to remember this person’s face. If you have an OrCam MyEye, you can program it to remember their face using the facial recognition feature the next time you see them. This way, your OrCam MyEye will seamlessly announce its presence with real-time identification.


It will also recognize colors so you can compliment your date on what they’re wearing. In addition, the OrCam MyEye can be extremely helpful during the date. In restaurants and cafes, using simple and intuitive hand gestures, the device will instantly read menus out loud to both you and your date. The text-reading feature can also help you navigate your way through any city by reading street signs.


Shopping for any item in a store during the date can be done with the barcode recognition feature. The device will also help you to pay with cash anywhere you go to, as it can instantly recognize money bills so you always know how much you’re paying and how much change you are getting. the OrCam MyEye can do all of these features and more without any requirement of an internet connection.