Empowering Everyday Life with Assistive Technology

OrCam provides AI powered wearable and handheld assistive devices for the

blind and visually impaired, and individuals with reading difficulties.

Bringing Confidence To All

Navigating life with blindness, low vision, or visual impairments has its unique challenges - getting support shouldn't be one of them.

Whether you're searching for assistive reading technology for the blind, or low vision aids for reading, our devices are built to adapt to your individual needs.


OrCam MyEye 3 Pro

For the Blind & Visually Impaired

A wearable device that vocalizes visual information in audio along with an AI assistant and advanced magnification abilities.


OrCam Read 3

For Low Vision & Reading Fatigue

A handheld device equipped with an AI-powered Smart Magnifier that reads books, handwritten documents, and images out loud. 


OrCam Learn Basic

For Learning and Reading Challenges, Dyslexia and ADHD

Listen to any text with our Read Aloud feature (OCR and Text-To-Speech) to be your accessible reading companion.

Award Winning Innovations


Why OrCam?

We're committed to empower individuals with personalized accessibility and innovative technology. Our devices are portable, intuitive and easy to use for enhanced independence and accessibility.


Enhanced Daily Independence

Experience a newfound sense of freedom and confidence in your daily life with the wearable OrCam MyEye 3 Pro.


Recognize Faces


Identify Products


Find Information

Reading Made Easy

Say goodbye to the struggles of traditional reading methods. With OrCam Read 3, have any printed or digital text read out loud to you, enabling independence in everyday tasks.


Read Aloud Text


Zoom in and out


AI Assistant


Life With OrCam

Trusted by users across 50 countries and in 25 languages. Don't take our word for it - their stories speak for themselves.

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