Overcoming Learning Challenges, Diagnosis, and Treatments: Give Your Child the Best

2023-05-31 | By Michael Hodos

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Overcoming Learning Challenges, Diagnosis, and Treatments | OrCam

Learning challenges can cause a student to experience a difficult time keeping up with his class and cause him to fall behind. When a student has learning challenges it doesn’t mean he has a lower level of intelligence, only that he may require alternative learning methods to keep pace.

In an ideal world, the solution would be to tailor the learning system to fit every child, supporting his or her advantages and disadvantages, because not all students with the same 
learning difficulty are exactly alike. However, this is not possible, so instead, we can try to understand each student’s challenge and find a way for them to overcome this barrier.

What are Learning Challenges?

One in five children and teenagers deal with 
learning challenges and therefore find it harder to keep up with regular schooling. Learning challenges are neurological and affect the way the brain receives, processes, stores, and analyzes information.

Learning challenges affect a student’s ability to develop reading, writing, and or math skills, and this is why it is usually recognized and diagnosed while in school. The most common learning challenges are:

Dyslexia – a condition that affects the ability to read and write correctly
ADHD – a condition that affects attention, the ability to sit still, and maintain self-control
Dysgraphia – a condition that affects writing and results in spelling mistakes, poor handwriting, and trouble translating thoughts into text.
Dyscalculia – a condition that affects the ability to do basic math operations.

As a result, many may grow frustrated, feeling disappointed in their school for not seeing their struggles. Others may blame themselves, and walk around in shame thinking they are not as good as their peers.

How to Identify a Learning Challenge? And What Are The Causes?

We have very little knowledge about student learning processes and their struggles since we only get a glimpse when assessing students’ performances on tests. That is why these challenges are often called “hidden.”

It is not clear what causes 
learning difficulties, yet researchers believe genetic influences, brain development, and environmental factors have an impact.

If your child struggles in the following situations it may suggest they are dealing with a learning challenge:

• If they find homework to be a constant struggle

• Schoolwork takes longer for them than for other kids

• Having difficulty organizing spoken and written sentences

• They are falling behind their class

• They have many spelling mistakes

• Stressful with a headache or stomach ache before every test

• Have trouble following instructions

• Low self-esteem and the belief they are stupid

If you find one or more of these to resemble your child’s behavior, it’s time to seek more help for your child before it will go on affecting the rest of their lives.

Removing the Barriers, Solving the Problem

How to help a child with reading difficulties? The key to eliminating learning challenges is to identify the causes. After that, solutions can be offered and a program can be designed to assist the student to overcome his challenge.

In the program, different methods can be helpful and you must observe and study your child’s learning process to understand how he can achieve better learning. The solutions can be private lessons from a specialized instructor, occupational therapy, or assistive technology like the 
OrCam Learn, an advanced AI device that helps the student read and absorb knowledge while tracking their academic progress.

With a newly designed program and your support, your child can improve immensely in their studies within a few weeks. This will be the start of a new beginning for them, a journey to success and self-believing.

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