OrCam MyEye 3 Pro

For People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Increased independence for the blind and visually impaired. Read your favorite books, enjoy the morning paper, recognize your loved ones, shop independently, and so much more!

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Empowering the Blind and Visually Impaired!

OrCam MyEye is empowering tens of thousands of users in 25 languages and in 50 countries, ranging in age from 6 to 100+. Whether you have glaucoma, AMD, were born blind, or have any kind of visual impairment or reading difficulty, OrCam devices will change your life!


No connectivity



Discreet Bluetooth


Seamless Text Accessibility

The leading aid for low vision provides a wide range of reading capabilities that can be activated by voice command, hand gestures, or a touch bar. With its scan to text capability, it starts reading from any surface, and from any point of the text.

Your Reading,

Your Rules

Read comfortably at your own pace with the top-rated low vision device, perfect for emails, books, newspapers, or any surface. Adjust your reading speed for an effortless experience.

Read Only the Text

That Interests You

Instantly find the information you’re looking for with a simple voice command. Say 'Find dessert' to explore menus, 'Read the headlines' for newspaper insights, or 'Read the dates' in any document.

It's your personal reading assistant, ready to simplify your life.

Advanced Magnification

Meets the Power of AI

Upgrade your reading experience with a smart magnifier that not only effortlessly enlarges texts and images but also interactively answers your questions.

Premium Offering with the Smart Magnifier

OrCam’s Smart Magnifier transforms your screen into a low vision magnifier, making texts, handwritten notes, and images easily readable. Simply upload documents to zoom in, adjust contrast, and have it read aloud to you. The advanced personal AI assistant even supports text in over 140 languages.


Zoom in & out


Customise contrast




Read text aloud


Read Handwriting

Interactive AI Assistant

Discover the "Just Ask" feature while using OrCam's Smart Magnifier. Interact naturally with the AI assistant and receive immediate responses to all your questions, whether related to text or other subjects.


AI Assistant-

Just ask


Uses intext and

outsource information

Easily Identify Faces and Objects

Recognize your loved ones, find objects, use the correct currency, and select the perfect color with the breakthrough aid for low vision.

Recognize Faces

The low vision aid lets you know who’s in front of you with seamless, real-time facial recognition.

Identify Products, Money Notes and Colors

Instantly identify products, discern clothing colors, and make the process of paying for things easier by ensuring you have the correct money notes in hand - making everyday tasks easier for those with vision loss.

OrCam MyEye 3 Pro

Limited Time Offer - Save $240 on the MyEye 3 Pro!


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Increasing Independence

for Tens of Thousands Across the Globe