#AI for the People

We are driven to design wearable personal AI innovations – that empower our users with increased independence – through pioneering computer vision and machine learning algorithms, all packed into small and incredibly energy-efficient devices.

Here are some of our visionary device features:

Smart Reading
Read any Text
Recognize Faces

Are You Who We're Looking For?

OrCam Technologies is seeking brilliant, highly motivated, creative problem-solvers – In other words, talented people to join our amazing Team.


  • R&D

    Just like D&D, except with coding instead of dragons.

  • Sales & Marketing

    No pressure, but you have 60 seconds to develop the best idea ever, and sell it!

  • Global

    If your vibe is never hesitate to communicate, If your work ethic is: More than enough is never enough, “The more you tell, the more you sell.” – David Ogilvy

  • Finance

    We process the debit. Others might take the credit. Ultimately, everyone counts.

  • HR

    It takes passion and personality to be a personable people person.

  • Operations

    There’s nothing more satisfying than to successfully execute a complex plan.

  • IT

    You laugh at technology’s bugs and glitches – and then you solve them.

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