The 10 Best Adapted Games for the Blind or Visually Impaired

2023-09-21 | By Orcam Staff

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Explore the 10 Finest Adapted Games for the Visually Impaired Copy

Games, in general, are extremely visual. Without being able to see the pieces on the board, the players do not get the full experience. For those who are visually impaired or blind, this can be quite frustrating. Some of the most popular games in the world are difficult to enjoy to the fullest extent when blind. Have any games been adapted for the blind or visually impaired? YES. Here is our list of the 10 best adapted games for the blind or visually impaired.

1. Monopoly

Monopoly Board Game

Probably the most recognizable board game in the world, with more than 1000 different versions, Braille Monopoly was an obvious choice for number one. It is a classic game that is multi-generational. This board game is always a favorite of students, children, and adults. As a blind or visually impaired, you can play together with others easily. All of the properties and spaces are in large type and accompanied by braille. All of the cards are in braille and large print. The dice and money notes as well, are in braille.

2. Bananagrams

A bananagrams bag with letter pieces arranged next to it

Who doesn’t like a good adrenaline-filled game of Bananagrams? With this version, the blind and visually impaired can play as well. All of the 144 tiles have braille markings, giving everyone a chance to play. If you already have the original game, the OrCam MyEye can help you play it, without the need for the braille version.

3. Checkers

Checker board painted on a barrel with checker pieces arranged on the board

This simple, yet classic game has been adapted as well. Each space and piece is marked in a way that the blind and visually impaired can enjoy this game just as much as sighted people. Bonus points for knowledge of braille not being required to play.

4. Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Everyone should be able to play with playing cards. With the number of games possible to play with them, they are essentially the pocket-knife of table-top games. Poker, Go Fish, War, Spit; the list goes on and on. Card games for blind people are not limited, enabling people who are blind to join in on the fun. However, playing with inaccessible cards as a blind person or visually impaired is not easy as a sighted person. There are special playing cards for visually impaired and blind people. These playing cards have been adapted with braille on the corners (very discreetly), making it simple for people who are blind and visually impaired to pick up and play.

5. Chess

Man Holding Chess Piece over a chess board

Played by millions across the globe, this classic game created in the 6th century has been adapted for people who are blind or visually impaired. Unlike regular chess pieces, chess for blind and visually impaired people must have specially adapted features. There are bumps on the white pieces to differentiate them from the black ones and the black spaces on the board are slightly raised. The spaces are also made in a way that the pieces will not slide off the board. Today, buying a specially adapted chess for blind people is very easy and affordable. Checkmate!

6. Scrabble

A game of scrabble

A classic in its own right (yet not as fast-paced as Bananagrams), one can play this version of Scrabble entirely by touch. Scrabble for blind people has unique features to make it easily playable by those who are visually impaired. There is an overlay grid that prevents shifting pieces, as well as braille markings on said pieces. For the one in a million people who don’t know how to play Scrabble, there are instructions on cassette tape (if you happen to have one of those old things lying around).

7. Uno


One of the “newer” games on this list, created in 1971, this version of UNO has braille markings on all the cards, which allow for those who are visually impaired to know the numbers and shapes. Despite being a more recent game, this one is still a classic, and making it accessible for those who are blind and visually impaired is commendable.

8. Dominoes


This tactile dominoes game for blind and visually impaired people never gets old. The tiles have raised pumps to understand the value easily by touching and there is a tactile line down to center. Additionally, the dominoes tiles for blind people are slightly bigger than the regular version, so they can be grasped more easily. Electronic games or video games might be more popular, but they do not provide the fun you will have from playing dominoes with your blind friends.

9. Puzzle


Starting from the border and then going through corners is the best method. Yes, it is the most common puzzle strategy. What if you are a blind or visually impaired adult? Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for blind people to spend their time and enjoy the moment. Each piece has a unique edge and you can match by the trial and error method. From the outset, it is better to start with a hundred pieces and, with time, you can get more difficult ones. Besides jigsaw, tactile puzzles or perspective puzzles are also a nice alternative. This new puzzle concept is designed especially for visually impaired people.

10. Dice Games

Just with a few dice, you can find an entertaining game. Tactile dice are very easy to find on the internet. These unique dice are designed for blind and visually impaired people. They have raised pumps and a thick line around the face. Yahtzee, Liar’s dice, and Bunco are the most famous dice games among the hundreds that exist.

There you have it. Each and every one of these games would keep you entertained for hours by itself. Did we miss anything? Would you have ordered it differently? Sound off in the comments and let us know!