Record-breaking World Champion overcomes learning challenges with the OrCam Learn

2022-10-30 | By Orcam Staff

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Record-breaking World Champion overcomes learning challenges with the OrCamLearn - OrCam Learn

Kevin Brown is a four-time World Masters Discus Champion and multiple world record holder. He has experienced first-hand the challenges of navigating education with a learning difficulty, after being severely bullied in the classroom and left with no support to improve his reading and writing. Kevin hid his challenges for most of his life and was not identified as having dyslexia until the age of 41.

Having experienced the OrCam Learn himself, he is now a strong advocate of the value it brings to individuals with learning challenges, at any stage of their lives. The OrCam Learn is a wireless, compact handheld solution with an intuitive point-and-click operation that “captures” and immediately reads out loud a full page, paragraph, or single word of text – from books, digital screens, or handouts. It enables individuals to explore their full potential – by offering vital, practical reading support, and feedback, analysis and reporting.

Support at work

Following his sporting career and after a lifetime of hiding his dyslexia, in 2004, Kevin was forced to leave his career in security because a new industry qualification was introduced that would mean he’d have to take an examination. Something he knew he wouldn’t be able to do without admitting his challenges and asking for support.

But, recently after hypnotherapy he finally acknowledged his dyslexia, and with the help of the OrCam Learn, he’s been able to fulfil his ambition of completing the Security Industrial Authority (SIA) qualification. Twenty years later, he’s now back in a career of his choice. Whilst taking the qualification, Kevin used the OrCam Learn’s exam mode which places the solution offline and gave him the freedom to take the exam independently without needing to request a human reader.

Kevin explains: “The OrCam Learn is like your best friend. It has been a massive game- changer in my life and it has allowed me to be myself and who I want to be as an individual. With the OrCam Learn beside me, I have the confidence to fulfil my goals and ambitions and never be held back again.”

Currently, working for Mitie, Kevin provides maintenance and technical support for schools in the Birmingham area. Kevin has found the OrCam Learn invaluable when completing health and safety risk assessments and first aid qualifications, all essential for his role. He is now hoping to further his career and provide advice and support to others in the company with learning difficulties.

Confidence booster

The OrCam Learn has also given Kevin the confidence to set up a new business, the Official Record Breakers, in collaboration with the Record Holders Republic. A multiple World Record Holder himself, Kevin decided to set up the Official Record Breakers to inspire and motivate people to break or create a school, club, regional, national or World record. Kevin’s aim is to give people with mental health and other disabilities the opportunity to prove they are also world class and record breakers.

“With the OrCam Learn, I now have the support I need in reading documents, letters, text on screens without needing to rely on anyone else. This has given me the confidence to fulfil my ambition in setting up a new business to help others achieve their dreams and become record breakers.

The OrCam Learn helps Kevin in his everyday life with his reading. He particularly likes the rewind feature so he can rehear anything more complex or challenging.

Independent opinions

Kevin played an integral role in the planning of the Commonwealth Games Roadshow in the summer of 2022. With the OrCam Learn, he was able to review and complete reports in the meetings and join in discussions relating to the documents circulated to the members of the group.

“I’m intelligent enough to form my own opinions, but because of my dyslexia, in the past I’ve had to rely on the views of others as I haven’t been able to read documents or information in meetings. The OrCam Learn has opened a whole new world of independence for me that I was never able to experience before.”

Future plans

Kevin is planning on competing at the next World Championships in Tokyo in August 2023. In the run up to competition, he’ll be using the OrCam Learn to help him prepare and achieve his optimal weight.

Kevin explains: “With the OrCam Learn, I’m in a much better position to study all the dietary and training requirements for me to be the best I can be for the upcoming World Championships. The OrCam Learn has given me so much, in every part of my life, to boost my confidence and independence and help me achieve my goals.”