Reading is made possible again with just the point of a finger. That’s right! The OrCam is a device that reads text aloud to people who are visually impaired or legally blind and is triggered by the simple point of a finger or push of a button. Wearers can also program the OrCam device to recognize commercial products, personal items and people’s faces. For example, if you wanted your device to recognize a specific person’s face, you would stand in front of that person, push a button and say that person’s name. The device has now recognized that person, memorized him or her, and now every time you turn your head and look at that person, it will tell you their name. It is hard for people who are visually impaired to get information. OrCam is the solution as the camera is able to read the text it “sees” and relay the information to the user. “In other words, it’s a camera that looks and talks.” explains OrCam executive VP R&D Dr. Yonatan Wexler. You can think of the OrCam MyEye device as a type of “smart glasses” for people who are visually impaired. A device that can help the user with some of their daily activities. Whether it is reading the mail, identifying products at the super market, or recognizing one’s spouse, the OrCam device is a helpful companion that makes the lives of people with vision loss easier. “It’s like having a friend read to you,” Moshe Fischer, who has been legally blind from childhood. “Reading the newspaper has become a really relaxing experience now. I’m able to sit back, scan the newspaper quickly and read it in a comfortable easy chair rather than sitting at a table, holding a magnifying glass.” So like other “smart “products on the market, these “smart” glasses can help people who are visually impaired by making their lives a little bit easier and helping them regain their independence.