There are many gadgets for blind people but none are as easy to use and portable as the OrCam MyEye.   The OrCam device is designed to help people who are visually impaired, and was one of the many gadgets for blind people featured on show at the Royal Society for the Blind Canberra’s annual adaptive technology expo. Society adaptive technology specialist Gina Baulderstone said the device, designed by an Israeli company and now available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, and Australia, could help transform the lives of many legally-blind people. “We have a number of people with serious eye conditions who really need speech to guide them and for who this device could really change their lives,” Ms Baulderstone said. The OrCam device has two parts. There is the lightweight camera that clips onto the wearer’s glasses and is connected by a thin cable to the second part of the device which is a tiny wearable computer designed to fit in a pocket. The computer uses audio feedback to relay visual information (through speech) that users can’t see. The OrCam device is activated by the simple point of a finger. When the user points at words or an object, the miniature camera takes a photo and uses artificial vision software to read back the information to the user via a mini earpiece. Unlike other gadgets for blind people, this device is easy to use and extremely portable. The device is so discreet and compact that it allows the user to fit in with the crowd. The device can also recognize people’s faces and even identify those who have previously been stored. The face recognition software allows the user to know who is in the room during a meeting or a party allowing them to feel more comfortable. The device can also identify products and recognize money, which is helpful when going shopping. There are many gadgets for blind people that are heavy and hard to use. The OrCam MyEye is easy to use and can help many people living with vision loss regain their independence.