OrCam assistive technology The OrCam MyEye is assistive technology for vision loss patients. OrCam can help people who are visually impaired or blind regain their independence. Losing your vision can be scary and frustrating for many people. Tasks that people were once able to do on their own are now more difficult or no longer possible. The OrCam MyEye can help. Although the OrCam wearable technology device does not affect the user’s actual vision, it does the next best thing – it reads to the user. This feature allows users to feel more independent and it makes a huge change in their outlook on life. Vinni Cox, an OrCam user from Essex, has had his life changed because of the OrCam MyEye. After losing his sight to retinal detachment over five years ago, Vinni did not have a positive outlook on life, and did not cope well with his vision loss, saying “I was in a bad place, I felt like giving up. I felt like there was nothing I can do.” Before he lost his vision, Vinni was an avid reader. After losing his vision, he was unable to read anything. That all changed when he received his OrCam MyEye. During the first week with his OrCam MyEye, Vinni managed to finish reading three books. “OrCam reads everything for me- which is great. OrCam give me my eyes back in the capacity that it can read for me.” Vinni calls his OrCam MyEye his “miracle healing” because that is what it has done and continues to do for him on a daily basis. Besides books, Vinni uses his OrCam to read mail, letters, labels at the supermarket, street signs, and more. The story of Vinni is just one of many stories where the OrCam MyEye has made a significant change in the user’s life. This assistive technology for vision loss patients is more than a device. OrCam gives people their independence back allowing them to lead fuller lives.