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photo of June Wheeler
Shopping Made Easy with OrCam MyEye: The Story of June Wheeler
by June Wheeler, Guest Blogger. Six years ago, I received the diagnosis. Following a routine eye exam with a local optician, I was informed that she had dry-age related macular degeneration.
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Man Using MyEye to Read Newspaper
OrCam’s Illumination: Reading & Writing Despite My Macular Degeneration
By Peter Williams, Guest Blogger I am 87 years old. I live in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. And I have macular degeneration. This medical condition started four to five years ago, and is gradually worsening. Before retirement, I was a maths tutor at The Open University and I always wanted to be an author. So when […]
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Norman Roper
Over the Moon with OrCam: Combating Macular Degeneration
By Norman Roper, Guest blogger In 2007, as I was trying to complete a crossword puzzle, the lines on the page started going wiggly. I then went to an eye specialist, who diagnosed me with macular degeneration. I subsequently had 27 injections in my eyes – 13 in the right one and 14 in my […]
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Hadas with her OrCam
For An Avid Reader, The OrCam MyEye Has Been A Blessing
By Hadas Bar, Guest Blogger When I heard that Orly Castel Bloom’s book “An Egyptian Novel” won the Sapir Prize for Literature, I rushed to the store to buy it. I put the book down on a growing pile of books that I hoped to be able to read one day. I used to love […]
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Giles Turnbull
Re-learning How to Read with OrCam
By Giles Turnbull, Guest Blogger I’ve loved books and reading all my life. Since losing my sight nine years ago I’ve learned to embrace audio-books as well as reading electronic copies of books in Word, PDF and plain text formats using screen reading software on my computer — it’s not the same as being able […]
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Phil's OrCam
I just feel like dancing
By Phil Nuar, Guest Blogger “Dancing is just dancing. When you are really dancing you don’t care what is around you. If you bump into people, you keep going. I don’t let my vision affect me.” I have been visually impaired from a young age, and am passionate about dancing. I especially love techno music […]
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