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The OrCam Blog Includes some special insight from our users, our team and other special guests.
Norman Roper
Over the Moon with OrCam
By Norman Roper, Guest blogger In 2007, as I was trying to complete a crossword puzzle, the lines on the page started going wiggly. I then went to an eye specialist, who diagnosed me with macular degeneration. I subsequently had 27 injections in my eyes – 13 in the right one and 14 in my […]
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Giles Turnbull
Re-learning How to Read
By Giles Turnbull, Guest Blogger I’ve loved books and reading all my life. Since losing my sight nine years ago I’ve learned to embrace audio-books as well as reading electronic copies of books in Word, PDF and plain text formats using screen reading software on my computer — it’s not the same as being able […]
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Phil's OrCam
I just feel like dancing
By Phil Nuar, Guest Blogger “Dancing is just dancing. When you are really dancing you don’t care what is around you. If you bump into people, you keep going. I don’t let my vision affect me.” I have been visually impaired from a young age, and am passionate about dancing. I especially love techno music […]
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Photo of Eliazabeth Simonds
A New Level of Independence – The Story of Elizabeth Simonds
Elizabeth Simonds was born with children’s rheumatoid arthritis which affected her sight at a very young age and continued to deteriorate throughout her life. Twelve years ago, Elizabeth had to have her left eye removed and replaced with a prosthetic eye. Since then, she has been using magnifiers and different cell phone apps or tablets […]
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OrCam Homepage Screenshot
Unveiled: The New, Visionary
We are excited about our recently-launched new website – has a whole new look with expanded features! The OrCam Team engaged in a thorough creative process to develop the new The result: a website which reflects the independence delivered by OrCam’s breakthrough artificial innovation technology and empowerment of our users. All of the […]
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dine in the dark2
Blind Dining: An Experience That Will Leave An Incredible Taste in Your Mouth
Working with the visually impaired community, the OrCam team is always trying to find ways to better understand our users’ needs. The OrCam marketing team decided to go out and see for themselves what it is like to live with a visual impairment by making dinner reservations at Blackout, a dark restaurant in Tel Aviv. […]
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