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Want to learn more about OrCam? Explore the questions and answers below.

How long will it take me to learn how to use the OrCam device?

The OrCam MyEye and MyReader devices are designed to be intuitive – operating is done by pointing. It takes just a few minutes to get the hang of it, and approximately two weeks to personalize your device. From that moment on, all it can do is at your fingertips. read more >

Is OrCam for everyone?

The OrCam device was designed for the visually impaired. Pointing helps the device focus on what you’re interested in. Those without the ability to designate a region of interest, or identify the direction of text (right side up or upside down) may not benefit fully from the OrCam device’s abilities. If you are not sure if the OrCam device is suited to your needs, please contact us for assistance. read more >

Can I take the OrCam device with me when I leave the house?

Absolutely! The OrCam device has two parts: a base unit which is about the size of a glasses case and weighs a few ounces, and a head unit which weighs less than an ounce (about 20 grams), connected by a thin cable. The internal battery in the OrCam device is rechargeable and is designed to last for a full day of reasonable use. It even comes with a belt-clip so you can conveniently clip it to your clothing and a specially designed carrying pouch. read more >

Do I need a computer or an internet connection?

OrCam’s proprietary technology is unique in its ability to process what it sees right away (“on the fly”), without taking the time to retrieve information from somewhere else. The OrCam device can be personalized to remember hundreds of items you frequently use in its internal memory and does not require a computer or an internet connection, keeping your usage private. read more >

What’s the difference between OrCam MyEye and OrCam MyReader?

The OrCam MyEye device has three main features: Reading, Identifying Products, and Recognizing Faces. OrCam MyReader is focused on reading and does not include additional features. read more >

Can I receive subsidization from insurance companies or the government?

Reimbursement opportunities depend on your health plan or state policies, and in many cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact your health services provider or relevant state agency to better understand what may be available. read more >

Can I use the OrCam device if I’m hard of hearing?

The OrCam device uses sound to convey information, so it may not be suited to those with severe hearing impairment. It can be used in combination with most hearing aids, and provides an audio-out feature which you can connect to headphones or an external speaker (not included). read more >

Can the OrCam MyEye device read handwriting?

The OrCam MyEye and MyReader devices can read almost any printed text, such as newspapers and books, signs, labels on consumer products and text on a computer screen or smartphone. It does not recognize handwriting or fonts designed to resemble handwriting. read more >

Does the OrCam MyEye or MyReader device work in the dark?

The OrCam MyEye and MyReader devices are camera based and see much like the human eye, so they currently works well only in brightly lit environments. Daylight or artificial lighting are more than sufficient. If you wish to use the device in a dark place, you may require auxiliary lighting. read more >

Can OrCam help me drive?

The OrCam device is intended to enhance the day-to-day lives of individuals with visual impairments. The OrCam device should not be used for driving and should not be relied upon in circumstances which are potentially life- or health-threatening or which could lead to financial loss. read more >

Can I use the OrCam device with my own glasses?

We understand that eyeglasses are important and unique; they are a part of your look and not just a visual aid. This is why the OrCam MyEye and MyReader devices were designed to be mounted on your existing eyeglass frames (almost all sorts are appropriate, including prescription glasses and sunglasses). read more >

Where can I purchase an OrCam device?

OrCam MyEye is available for purchase in select locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Israel. OrCam MyReader is available in the US and Canada. Visit the Get OrCam page for a list of locations where OrCam is available. Reserve your OrCam device today. We plan to add additional languages and regions over time. Click here to join the International Waitlist. read more >

Will the OrCam device block my hearing?

The OrCam device uses a small external personal speaker. The earpiece is placed next to the wearer’s ear and does not interfere with regular hearing. read more >

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