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OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision to compensate for lost visual abilities. OrCam is a sensor that sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and provides it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece.
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Suggested Retail Price: $3,500



* The above video is for illustrative purposes only. Not all features that appear in the video are available at this time. OrCam is currently available only in the United States and works only in English. We plan to add additional features, languages and regions over time.

Update: OrCam devices will be available after the official US launch. Click Order to join the wait-list and reserve yours today.

What is OrCam?

OrCam is a smart camera mounted on the frames of your eyeglasses, which “sees” text, recognizes objects and “whispers” in your ear.


The OrCam device enables you to read books or newspapers, verify money note denominations, and even identify which product or item you are pointing at.

Easy to Use

All you have to do is point.

OrCam understands what you want on its own, whether it’s to read, find an item or recognize a product. All it takes is a simple, intuitive, pointing gesture. The Base Unit is smaller than the average glasses case and fits in your pocket or clips to your belt.



OrCam can read printed text, in real time.

You can read newspapers and books, signs, labels on consumer products and even text on a computer or phone.

When you point to a specific article or paragraph, OrCam will start reading from the beginning of that section. Its powerful computer translates the printed word into audio in under two seconds.


Recognize your personal objects

You can personalize your OrCam device by teaching it to recognize specific objects around you.

It can recognize products and money notes to make shopping quicker and easier. It can recognize personal items, like your credit cards. No computer or internet connection is necessary.


Future Features

In the future, OrCam will be equipped with facial recognition, the ability to recognize places, colors and much more.

Imagine being able to easily recognize who is in a room when you come in. Imagine using OrCam to orient yourself by reading outdoor signs and teaching it to memorize places you've already visited. It will be able tell you which bus line or train is coming toward you. OrCam will even be able to tell you the color of your shirt. Join the OrCam community today and stay up to date with all of OrCam’s features.


What can you do with OrCam?

  • Read printed text
  • Shop and recognize objects
  • Find items and more...
  • And equally as important – do all that easily with just the point of your finger!
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